Building 7 Fact 1: Barry Jennings Did NOT Witness A Bomb In Building 7 Before The Towers Fell.

Follow along and explore the hard evidence of debris, debris patterns, and video of collapse. This is the type evidence which will be presented to a grand jury if there were to be a new investigation. Those who claim controlled demolition brought down WTC7 have to overcome this evidence with structural evidence of CD in order to open a new investigation. My research finds the Structural remains of Building 7 show no sign of controlled demolition.
The Barry Jennings story is fact 1 because most controlled demolition proponents use his account of events on 9/11/01 as evidence of explosions in the building. In trying to corroborate his story, I found his time line did not add up, and his description of events fit more in line with a plummeting slab of WTC1 perimeter wall than any explosion. He was in a dark, enclosed stairwell. His interview with ABC Channel 7 News on 9/11/01:
The explosion he described would have been in this part of the building:
Here’s a photo of the south face of WTC7 after the South Tower collapsed (click photo for enlargement):
No sign of any explosion.
The explosion would have occurred in the area just above the promenade. Jennings was in the west stairwell on the 6th floor, and he stated the explosion was below him; that it destroyed the stairwell below him, dropping him so that he had to climb back up to the 8th floor.  This photo was taken from the following video. It has shots in and around Building 7 after collapse of WTC1. It has shots of the area under the Promenade, and no damage there either. It also includes an interview with Officer Bennette in the lobby, and there is no indication of any structural damage; only broken windows and debris from the collapse of the South Tower:
Jennings was in the west stairwell. Richard Rotanz, Detailed fire commander of FDNY to OEM, inspected WTC7 at approximately 1 pm on 9/11/01. I spoke with him and asked specifically which stairwell he used. He stated he entered the building from the east, ascended to the 15th floor using the east stairwell, and did not go into the west part of the building. He knew enough from that short inspection to predict building failure within hours. Barry Jennings then, would have been in the west stairwell; he stated it was destroyed from the 6th floor down. The west stairwell is close to the area where perimeter wall from the collapse of WTC1 would have landed. As fast as the falling steel was traveling, and with Jennings being in an enclosed stairwell, it surely sounded like an explosion when it hit bottom. It is doubtful he would have heard anything until.
But this is not the only evidence of a mistaken time line.
-He noted the building was getting very hot during the same time frame he crawled back up to the 8th floor, prior to when he claims each tower collapsed. The building would not have gotten “very hot” until after collapse of at least the South Tower, whose collapse is believed to have ignited fires, but I can find no evidence of fire prior to collapse of the North Tower. The alarms were going off due to the smoke and dust in the building from South tower collapse, apparently. Regardless, the building getting hot prior to Jennings’ timeline for each Tower collapse shows him to be mistaken. The 8:51 a.m. temperature reading was 68°F at Central Park, 72°F at La Guardia, and 73°F at both JFK and Newark Airports.
-He stated the explosion was beneath him and blew him back. An explosion beneath him should have blown him upwards. A 50 ton slab of steel falling near him would have blown him back. The gentleman he was with, Michael Hess, described the moment as a sudden wind and much more dust and ash then what was present before.
-He exhibited no explosive type injuries. He should have fragment wounds at least.
-Vesey Street and the Promenade directly above it, which the lobby of WTC7 overlooks, prior to either Tower collapsing, was crawling with first responders and evacuees. No one reported an explosion in 7!
There are other question marks in the interviews. Too much for here, but I am happy to discuss in greater detail in the comments.
Reach your own conclusions. I believe the Jennings account points more to the horrific damage sustained by Building 7, rather than any explosive having been detonated. His description of damage matches perfectly with multi-ton slabs of steel perimeter wall panels slamming through the building.
The second interview is no longer available in full. Parts of it can be found on various videos. Here at the 4:56 mark Jennings mentions the heat as he climbed back up to the 8th floor:
Edit 2/3/14: I found a video with most of the 2nd interview which starts at 0:25:
The next question is, did a part of WTC1 falling perimeter wall penetrate WTC7 deep enough to have caused the damage Jennings described? The next two facts, “The Gash” and “How It Got There”, will address that question. The answer is yes. But don’t take my word for it. Let the facts speak.

Thank you for reading. Future posts will be more pictures and fewer words.

Joe Hill


2 thoughts on “Building 7 Fact 1: Barry Jennings Did NOT Witness A Bomb In Building 7 Before The Towers Fell.

  1. Wow that’s a great gash picture you have there. I wonder why the same video that you posted doesn’t have a gash? Where are all the huge fires? After all the North tower has already fallen. Where are the fires?

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