Care to dig into the pile of Building 7 debris with me? I started looking for corroboration of controlled demolition in the structural remains, and found none. You are invited to follow along, and see what I did find.

The purpose of this site is to gather as much of the debris evidence of Building 7 into one place as I can, and organize it in such a way so others can see the story it tells. It tells a story much different than the one told by Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth, the source of the controlled demolition (CD) claim, and who to the best of my knowledge, has never done an analysis of the debris patterns, structural remains, or video of collapse from many angles. This site is attempting to perform that function, which in my opinion, should have already been done by any professional organization making the claim Building 7 was collapsed on purpose with controlled demolition.

I’ve tried to think in terms of what a grand jury will be shown, and I believe it will be similar to what I have assembled. I ask readers to pretend you are a grand jury member. You have been assembled to hear the claim controlled demolition brought down Building 7. I’m not here to disprove that claim, but to show you what the evidence says did happen.

In order to grasp what the debris says, it is necessary to have foundational knowledge of the building, the neighborhood, and the damage. I am presently in the process of publishing those introductory chapters, and organizing the site.

An investigative approach requires ruthless objectivity. I am doing my utmost to allow the evidence to speak, and view it with no pre-conception. The photographic and video evidence will be there for readers to critique my reading of it. If I am unsure of a structural member being discussed, or it’s original location in the building, I point it out. Otherwise, I’m careful to be sure of structural member identification. This is no different than an auto accident investigation. Examination of skid marks, damage, and debris reveal how the accident occurred. Reverse engineering of the debris from Building 7 reveals how it fell.

The site is organized by chapter, or Fact, numbered in sequence. A running list of Facts are on the right column at the top. I encourage readers to start with Fact 1 and read in order. That list does not show for some reason, when you go to a page from the top menu, such as “Home”, or “Orientation”. I provided a link back to Fact 1 at the bottom of each of those pages. Click there and the list will then show and you can select another fact to study. I also encourage readers to visit the orientation page. Basic knowledge of the building and surroundings are vital for understanding what you are looking at in the debris. Future chapters will include debris analysis in order to show how the building fell, including illustrations of the the lower perimeter wall failure, based on the evidence. I will continue publishing chapters in a logical sequence as they are ready, at least one a week.

This is not a de-bunking site. The simple fact that it is necessary to write this material though, shows that it will be impossible to not fall into the de-bunking mode. There is a growing number of youth who are being convinced those buildings were intentionally collapsed with CD, yet the structural remains do not support that claim. Addressing that claim and it’s sources is unavoidable. Primarily, this site is to present the debris evidence, and illustrate what it means.

Comments are welcome. I encourage discussion, critique, questions, etc. I welcome opposing views, and encourage referral to any debris or structural evidence I may have overlooked which says otherwise. I welcome truthers. I know you are committed to your belief, and I respect that. The structural evidence however, has been omitted from the debate. I’m filling that gap, if you will.

Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to follow the blog for new posts.

Joe Hill

Fact 1


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