Building 7 Fact 3: How The Gash Got There

Follow along and explore the hard evidence of debris, debris patterns, and video of collapse. This is the type evidence which will be presented to a grand jury if there were to be a new investigation. Those who claim controlled demolition brought down WTC7 have to overcome this evidence with structural evidence of CD in order to open a new investigation. My research finds the Structural remains of Building 7 show no sign of controlled demolition. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

If the gash is fact, what caused it should be evident in the many WTC1 collapse videos. Indeed, there is one distinct piece of falling wall which originates from about the 60th floor and hurtles out of the smoke, directly on line with WTC7 in the vicinity of column 20. For readers who believe the distance perimeter wall fell from the Tower is because they were exploded outward, this piece began it’s fall after the collapse line had passed. Click on photos for detail:



Note when the piece first appears it is standing vertical, and it is a third of the way between WTC1 and 7! The upright angle tells us what was occurring in the dust below, which will be shown later in this chapter. Now watch the video. Watch at regular speed a few times, and you will see the piece strike between WFC and the Woolworth spire. Note the speed it is traveling at impact. Start at 1:34 and:


Another west view, more from the north, shows how deep the falling arc fell into WTC7: WTC7SourceOfGashWestViewComposite

North views confirm this piece lines up in the vicinity of columns 19 & 20:


Note collapse of the Tower has progressed well past the point of origin of this piece of perimeter wall. Start at 0:17:

All videos of collapse from north, east and west, show this piece of perimeter wall emerge from the smoke and dust at the same point during collapse. If anyone wishes to see more of the video references, just leave a comment. There can be no doubt; this is the piece of falling perimeter wall which gouged WTC7. Some have argued it impossible for the perimeter wall to travel the 329 feet between WTC1 and 7. It is well within possibility. A 32 story tall piece of perimeter wall falling over would indeed strike WTC7:


But I don’t think that is exactly what occurred. The anomaly of the piece emerging vertical, well outside the footprint of WTC1 puzzled me, until I remembered another puzzling anomaly; the lower north wall of WTC1 leaning against WTC6, yet not enough debris can be seen between the north wall and the core to push the north wall into WTC6: Operation Noble Eagle

What explains the lean of the north wall and part of it bent away from center? Granted, WTC1 collapse was largely internal, which splayed the perimeter walls outward, but with the top of the North Tower falling south, resulting in relatively little debris in the north part of the footprint, splaying of the lower, stronger, north perimeter wall did not make sense, until I was studying the source of WTC7 gash. Now it makes sense, and it fits with what we know. Because the top fell south, most of the debris fell in the southern half of the footprint, peeling the south wall like a banana, leaving a tall spire (60 or more floors) of the north wall swaying, and leaning slightly to the north, much like the core column spires were swaying before it collapsed, seen here. The swaying spire then tipped to the north, pulling the lower wall further north until it hit WTC6. The upper perimeter wall was then flung along it’s arc, something like this:


Falling in this manner is the only explanation for the piece emerging vertical. Note the gouges in WTC6 on the north side of the building. They corroborate the falling spires, and show a likely path of the spire which created the gash in WTC7. The large central hole in WTC6 was created by a large slab of perimeter wall from higher up than the 65th floor: 6WTCFallingSlabComposite

Watch WTC6 get pummeled starting at 9:55 (a dramatic view of WTC7 getting hit as well): The north side gouges were created later, by the lower 65 floor perimeter wall collapse:


Fact: The south face of WTC7 was slashed top to near bottom.

Fact: Barry Jennings most likely witnessed the gash being made, not an explosion (this fact will be developed further).

A grand jury will be shown all this corroborating evidence and more. The gash, Jennings’ location near the falling perimeter wall, and Jennings’ description of damage are corroborated and indisputable fact. The next questions answered for a grand jury are “How deep did the gash penetrate WTC7? All the way to the core?”, “Was there any other damage?”, and “Why does the gash matter?” Be sure to follow this blog for those answers, to be published soon.